A Gator Took My Toothbrush’ Is Among The Most Notable Of This Year’s New Children’s Books

Philip Sayblack

Editor, Phil’s Picks

I purchased this book for my nephew and he is over the moon! He takes this book to bed every night and brings it down to breakfast each morning – this book was such a hit!

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Brandon Frisby


Brandon Frisby’s inaugural children’s book is A Gator Took My Toothbrush, coming soon to Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Costco, Cedar Fort, Deseret Book Co., and other fine bookstores near you.  Brandon is a father to two amazing kids along with his wonderful wife, Emily. Living in Asheville, NC, the family enjoys hiking, adventuring, and spending quality time together. One of the most important parts of his day is reading books every night with his son, which led him down the path to writing one of his own. Everything is more exciting when seen through the eyes of a 4 year old! When not writing children’s books, Brandon is a Proposal Development Writer for a large software company. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in English from East Carolina University, and is a devout Pirate fan. Brandon will be signing all books purchased through this site, and would be happy to include a personalized note along with his signature upon request.